Honduras Medical Mission



Reveille’s Outreach Ministry sends a mission team to Honduras each summer through the Friends of Barnabas Foundation. The Friends of Barnabas improves the lives of impoverished children in Honduras by providing high quality sustainable healthcare and enabling communities to become self-sufficient through health-related training and education.


Dear friends at Reveille UMC,

I pray that each of you are doing well and staying safe. The staff of Friends of Barnabas both in Honduras and the US are continuing to work hard to live up to our mission statement of providing health education and support for the communities and families of Honduras.

I have sent you just a sample of the creativity of our Honduran staff. They have been in house lockdown for just a week less than we have in the US. To be able to share important healthcare and prevention education with our communities, they have been filming short videos and sending them to community leaders via WhatsApp. Most families have a cheap cellphone and can receive these videos. Topics have included proper handwashing, how to make hand sanitizer, liquid soap and facemasks, how to make and when to use rehydration liquid, as well as lots of information about COVID-19.

Your community of Aguas de La Reina has been receiving these videos and have shared them with their fellow community members. 124 people are being reached each time a message is being sent. We may have to loan our staff out for infomercials soon!!

We have cancelled our Mountain Medical teams for the foreseeable future, for obvious reasons. The safety and health of our team members is of primary importance. But our work continues to happen. Please pray for our friends in Honduras, as they move through uncertain and potentially devastating times. We will return to serve as soon as we can. We still strive to change the world, one child at a time.

Patti K. Wagner, RN, BSN
Medical Operations Coordinator
Friends of Barnabas


The 2020 trip is cancelled. Check back soon for details on joining the 2021 team. 

Consider joining the next trip if you answer YES to any of the questions below:

  • Do you feel called to be part of a mission team serving the people of Honduras?
  • Do you have medical, dental, or vision training and seek to improve the lives of those who don’t have such regular care?
  • Do you have administrative skills and a desire to serve as assistant team leader?
  • Do you speak Spanish fluently or at all?
  • Both health care professionals and volunteers without specialized training are needed!

For more information, please contact Rachel Sanders.


Progress in Terreritos

Dear friends at Reveille UMC,

I wanted to share a recap of the visits to your partner community, Terreritos, Honduras. This year Terreritos was visited twice by a mountain medical team as part of our annual routine. The first visit was in July by the Reveille mission team. The second time was the end of November by the Rockbridge mission team. A total of 244 individuals were followed throughout the year and 52% of them were children under 17 years of age.

The most common health complaints were respiratory, skin, and gastrointestinal issues. During our visits 41 patients were referred for further evaluation and followup. These problems included high blood pressure, eye problems, and cardiovascular issues.

Terreritos has graduated from our program this year. They have made great strides in caring for each other, in working to prevent health issues, both personally and in their community environment.  We will continue to be in touch with the community leaders to be sure they continue down this path to better health.

Your new community partner for next year is Aguas de la Reina. This community was visited by Friends of Barnabas over ten years ago and did not complete the Advanced Learning Curriculum at that time. We are excited to have them back in the fold.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We can’t do this ministry without you and pray you have a blessed Christmas!

Patti K. Wagner, RN, BSN
Medical Operations Coordinator
Friends of Barnabas

It is a blessing to know that Terreritos, one of Reveille’s partner communities, had made such great progress during our years working together. Our medical mission team could see tangible improvements in the community’s overall health when we were there in July. – Kim Daniel, 2019 Reveille Honduras Mission Trip Leader

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