The Garth at Reveille



The garth at Reveille was a part of the church’s 1951 master building plan, but was only completed and dedicated in 1994. “Garth” is an Old English word for “an enclosed yard.” In the more modern usage it describes a cloistered garden of tranquility and beauty.

The garth is a living symbol representing all that is good in the life we share and celebrate as Christians. The joys of marriage, fellowship, and resurrection are expressed here. It is a spiritual backdrop for worship, meditation, and communion. Everyone is encouraged to explore the three garden areas of the garth: the garden of covenant, the garden of meditation, and the garden of celebration.

The Garden of Covenant
The garden of the covenant, located near the double-door entry from the inside corridor, provides a lovely sanctuary for refreshments and fellowship before and after worship services, as well as a meeting place for small groups and other receptions.

The Garden of Celebration
The garden of celebration is located near the driveway entrance to the garth. It is designed as an outdoor meeting space for larger groups. This area includes a raised dais for worship leaders or performers and adequate grassy space for the placement of up to 70 chairs.

The Garden of Meditation
The garden of meditation, located in the middle of the garth, is a consecrated burial area for Reveille members and their families who select cremation. The burial policy is formulated by the garth administrative committee and the lead pastor.


Interment or scattering of cremains requires submission of a formal application, accompanied by a donation for each placement. Arrangement with a funeral director for cremation is the responsibility of the deceased’s representative. Although no markers are permitted in the garth, a memorial plaque with an engraved nameplate of the deceased is displayed in the church. There is also a book of remembrance that provides a page for dedication to the deceased. Documents fully detailing the garth’s policy, terms and conditions, applications for placement of cremains, and an agreement for use of the garth are available upon request to the pastoral administrative assistant.


Beginning in 1988, the initial $250,000 cost of the garth concept was supported by individual contributions. The garth at Reveille was dedicated, debt-free, on October 30, 1994. Today, continuing operational funds are generated through memorial gifts, other individual contributions, and interment donations.


For more information about the garth, please contact:
Cheryl Arrington
Pastoral Administrative Assistant
(804) 359-6041 ext. 114

Garth Informational Brochure

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