Baptism at Reveille


In The United Methodist Church, baptism is a sacrament. It is the movement of God in a child’s life. The child’s parents or caretakers make a public profession to raise the child in a Christian home. Baptism is very special occasion in our church family, because our congregation also makes a public promise to help raise the child in the ways of God through faith, devotion, and love. Baptism may take place at any point in a child’s life; however, infants are typically baptized within the first year of their life. Children baptized before they are able to take the vows for themselves will make their profession of faith when they are older, in a ceremony called confirmation. Baptisms at Reveille generally take place on the fourth Sunday of the month during morning worship services.

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Once we receive your request, you will be contacted to schedule a meeting with the lead pastor, either at the church or your home. For more information, contact Cheryl Arrington, or call (804) 359-6041, ext. 114.



In The United Methodist Church, persons are baptized only once, so a person baptized as a child or as an adult need not be baptized again. For more information about adult baptism, contact Cheryl Arrington, or call (804) 359-6041, ext. 114.


For more information about baptism, please contact:

Cheryl Arrington
Pastor Administrative Assistant
(804) 359-6041 ext. 114

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