Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Grace and peace to you in the strong name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray this email finds you safe and well. I am writing to you today to provide some thoughts and updates in regard to the coronavirus.

Once as I crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, the bay was filled with at least a dozen or so large container ships. What struck me was how each one looked to be just sitting there, stationary, not doing anything. It was strange to see so many apparently doing so little.

Later that evening, I realized what was going on. They were waiting for the tide to change.

This is where we find ourselves as a church: waiting for the tide to change. It sometimes feels like we are doing very little, but in reality, we are doing the most important thing we can: helping our nation and world overcome a global pandemic, and we are doing this by not gathering in person.

Although it looked to me that those container ships were not doing anything, I am certain that inside, they were actually abuzz with sailors taking advantage of their time being still by doing maintenance, making plans, and charting course.

Likewise, I want you to know that Reveille’s staff and lay leadership are utilizing this time of stillness to continue, as best we can, to chart a course for our respective ministries. We are making plans for online worship, creating innovative ways to reach our congregation and community, checking in with our members, and preparing for a future when we can return to normal life as we know it.

In Psalm 46:10, the psalmist writes “Be still and know that I am God.” In the midst of these Lenten lands, I pray that God abides with you in this time of stillness, that our waiting may be a time of “holy waiting” where we wait with purpose as our God uses us to heal the world.

Some immediate steps we are taking follow. Please let Stephen, Kelley, or me know of any questions you may have.

All in-person events, activities, and worship are cancelled indefinitely until this crisis is over and it is clearly safe to resume our normal schedules.

During this time the staff will be working to manage projects and day-to-day business, either on-site or from home. We respectfully request that prior to visiting the office you email or call staff to allow them to address your questions or concerns. Please note that the doors to Reveille House will be locked during this time to keep minimize risk to staff members working on-site.

We will continue to offer Sunday worship online.

We will continue to have as many of our committee meetings as possible via online conferencing.

The staff is continuing to work on additional ways for our congregation to stay connected without meeting in person. The staff is also available to assist small groups in setting up online meetings.

We will keep you updated via email, at, and on our Facebook page.

Grace and peace,