What do you love about Reveille? Over the summer, I asked nine people to reflect upon that question, to put their thoughts in writing, and to send them to me. You will be able to hear these reflections in worship as we move through the month of October.

As these written reflections come to my inbox, I am so touched by what I am reading. Reveille is the place that helped Richmond become home for you when you moved here. Reveille is, as the old hymn says, “the tie that binds” for you. It is the place that enabled you to hold it together during days of heartbreaking grief. The people of Reveille are the people who are your extended family, the people whose witness continues to enable you to grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In my five years as your lead pastor, I have been blessed to hear so many of your stories of what Reveille has meant to you. Everyone, it seems, has a Reveille story, and the stories are as diverse as the people who comprise this wonderful and remarkable congregation of God’s people.

In our October worship, we will be reflecting upon our Reveille stories in a sermon series called “The Four Virtues of a Joyous Life: Gratitude, Faith, Persistence, and Humility.”

In this stewardship series, we will examine ways in which faith in Christ enables us to live lives characterized by a sense of joy that can only come from God’s gracious love operating in our midst. Together, we will consider the virtues that frame our lives and enable us to live the kind of abundant life that Christ gives his life to bring, and how that kind of abundance sometimes differs from the abundance of the world around us.

This month, I pray for as many opportunities as possible to speak to you about your life, your faith, and your Reveille story. Together we move into God’s future with the sure and certain hope that God is with us, writing and rewriting all of our stories and the story of our life together, until the day comes when Christ is revealed in his fullness and all the world sees.

See you on Sunday!