Serve in Youth Ministries

Reveille UMC

Opportunities for Adults to be Involved in Youth Ministries

There are many ways to be involved with the youth ministry at Reveille United Methodist Church. Several ongoing opportunities are listed below. 

Youth Assistant

Role: Attend youth group each Sunday evening, work to build relationships with youth both at and outside of church. Open to adults over the age of 23 years. No formal training is required.
Time Commitment: Sunday evenings, hours vary
Dates: Sunday evenings, September-May

Youth Council

Role: This council oversees ministry opportunities for youth and meets monthly. The council reviews the status of the ministries and provides any assistance and oversight needed. 
Time Commitment: One two-hour meeting each month, plus additional meetings for council chair and Visionary Team liaisons. 

Sunday School Teachers

Do you have stories to share? Has your faith played an important role in your life? Teaching Sunday school is a wonderful way to share your faith and wisdom with Reveille’s youth. 

Confirmation Mentors
During confirmation class, each youth is partnered with an adult mentor. A confirmation mentor serves as a source of guidance and help to a confirmand. The primary goal is to get to know the youth and build a lasting relationship. Mentors are encouraged to meet with their confirmands for fellowship or service (ex. go for coffee, go for a hike, or serve at Rebuilding Together with one another). In addition, mentors commit to attending one “alternative” worship service together and discussing the experience. Time commitment: Regular meetings and check-ins with the confirmands, plus attending the worship service together.
September - May

Small Group Leader

Role: Lead small groups (which might include dinner groups, Bible studies, book studies, discussion groups, topical studies/discussions) and build relationships with youth both at and outside of church. 
Time Commitment: Two hours weekly
Dates Needed: Varies

Retreat Chaperone

Role: Attend youth retreats as an adult chaperone and work to build relationships with youth both at and outside of church.
Time Commitment: Approximately 48 hours, generally a Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

Prayer Partner

Role: You can choose to pray for the youth ministry as a whole, a specific class or grade, or a specific youth. 
Time Commitment: Approximately 10 minutes daily
Dates Needed: Daily
Please note, per Reveille’s Child Protection Policy all adults involved with the youth ministry must have actively attended Reveille United Methodist Church for a minimum of six months, be a minimum of five years older than the youth they are working with, and undergo a background check. 

Interested in these opportunities?
Director of Youth Ministries
(804) 359-6041, ext. 128