Swansboro 2015

Reveille UMC

Making a Difference in Swansboro

Sheelagh Davis, Co-chair, Swansboro S.P.I.R.I.T. Team

When I look back over 2015, I am grateful for so many people who have faithfully brought Christian love and grace to the Swansboro community.

Kathy Rainey, Cole Rainey, Joe and Mary Ann Ramage, Carol Ann Lea, Bo Bowden, Anna Lyle Collett, and Kate Sjovold have given the gift of music and their time to children at Koinonia Christian Church through Musical Mondays. Watching the kids respond to these selfless people, I am struck by the love and patience willingly given, on a weekly basis throughout the year. Surely, this is what we mean by “making a transformative difference.”

When the KIDz C.A.M.P. came to Swansboro last summer, they swarmed through the community distributing pots of plants they had planted themselves. With a warm message to accompany each plant, no one could doubt Reveille’s mission “to make a difference in God’s world,” just by brightening someone’s day.

You made a difference by mentoring or reading to a child at Swansboro Elementary School. Helping a child to read is a critical gift to ensuring a fulfilling and successful future. Your encouragement is vital.

Ellie Spears and the third grade Sunday school class raised money through the Baking for Bibles bake sale in October, so that we can include Bibles and Bible story books with the bags of food distributed at the Koinonia and Love Center of Unity food pantries.

The Suzanna Wesley Circle made a difference in 2015 by providing Swansboro Elementary third through fifth graders with new dictionaries and by making a special Christmas gift for the staff.

Reveille Weekday School made a difference when they created beautiful Thanksgiving baskets for needy families at the school.

Just as the weather was turning cold in November, I was so proud to deliver 50 handmade hats and scarves to the school. These were lovingly made by Joan Beck and friends.

Martha Hodges has quietly (she didn’t tell anyone!) made a difference in the lives of Swansboro kids by helping to organize an early morning running club at the school.

Throughout the year, Lead Pastor Doug Forester has visited our partner churches, LCU and Koinonia, for special occasions. He has participated in homecomings, anniversaries, and the inauguration of Pastor Larry Branch as bishop.

The Swansboro S.P.I.R.I.T. Team of Jill Gaynor, Carol Hampton, Carol Kern, Carol Shaughnessy, Patsy Buelow, Laura Holdych, Tommy Threewitts, Kathy Rainey, and myself, would like to thank each and every one of you who has contributed in some way to our Swansboro ministries. We have received support from the youngest child in Sunday school to the most senior members of UMW.

Reveille has been blessed to be a blessing to the Swansboro community in 2015. 

Won’t you join us in 2016?

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