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Reveille UMC
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April 8-May 27, 2018
Spring Sermons 
View our schedule of sermons this spring covering a variety of scripture and topics.
Previous Sermon Series
October 1-22
Defying Gravity Sermon Series
Learn to defy gravity, grow in your generosity, and break free from the culture of more. Defying Gravity: Breaking Free from the Culture of More Details
November 5-26
"The Kingdom of Heaven is Like..." Sermon Series
What is heaven really like? What would the world be like if God were in charge of our daily lives? Explore Jesus' understanding of the reign of God in our midst, and what it means for how we live today. Details
December 3-31
"Better Days Ahead: Hope, Anticipation, and the Coming of Christ" Sermon Series
Enter anew into this season of hope and expectation as we remember together what it means for the Messiah to come to us. Details
January 7-February 11
"Come and See" Sermon Series
Experience new life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Details
February 18-April 1
"Covenant" Sermon Series"

The deepest and most eternal trust that under girds our souls comes from a relationship with God, who has given all to be with us and keeps not only God's promises but ours as well, in an unbreakable love known as covenant. Details