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Reveille UMC
Join us for weekly worship services at 8:30 am (chapel), 9:00 am (fellowship hall), and 11:00 am (sanctuary). 
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Why Church? | January 20-February 24
What is the point of church if God is everywhere? Do I have to go to church to be a Christian?  Is church relevant anymore? Join us as we explore these and other questions together, as we seek God's truth, and as we learn to discover in this ancient friendship, in this church, that Christ calls nothing less than his body on earth.
2018 Sermon Series
January 7-February 11
"Come and See" Sermon Series
Experience new life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Details
February 18-April 1
"Covenant" Sermon Series"

The deepest and most eternal trust that under girds our souls comes from a relationship with God, who has given all to be with us and keeps not only God's promises but ours as well, in an unbreakable love known as covenant. Details
July 1-29
Summer of Forgiveness: Giving Up All Hope of a Better Past
Discover what forgiveness really means, why Jesus was so focused on it, and why it's so important that the church be a place that preaches and practices forgiveness.
August 5-August 26
This Holy Mystery: The Meaning of Holy Communion
Learn how Holy Communion became a Christian sacrament and how it can affect and enrich our lives today. Details
September 2-30
God Unbound: Paul's Wisdom for an Anxious Church
The God Unbound sermon series will explore how, two millennia ago, the apostle Paul addressed struggles in the Christian church, and how his timeless, holy words can speak to our lives, and our life together, today. Details
October 7-28 | 2019 Stewardship Series
The Next Faithful Step 
Discover how the transformation of our understanding of God can take us to the next faithful step.
November 4-25
“Jesus in Jerusalem: Teachings of Jesus at the End of His Life”
This November, we will consider four gospel texts, all set in Jesus' final days in Jerusalem before his death to learn what his last words can teach us about life, death, hope, and life everlasting. Details
December 2-23
"Journey to Bethlehem"

Advent was originally intended by the early church to be a miniature Lent, a time of repentance and self-reflection as we prepare for the coming of the Christ into the world. This year, in our sermons at Reveille, Advent will be presented as a journey we take together towards a richer, more peaceful, more meaningful life, a journey that will culminate on Christmas Eve as we consider what it means for us to live contemplative lives, filled with the grace and presence of the incarnate God in our midst.  

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