Four Virtues Sermon Series



Join us for weekly worship services at 8:30 am (chapel), 9:00 am (fellowship hall), and 11:00 am (sanctuary).


Four Virtues of a Joyous Life: Gratitude, Faith, Persistence, and Humility | Stewardship Series: October 6-27
Churches in many ways are unique in that they are places of contradictory experiences. We experience the joy of weddings, baptisms, and confirmations at church, and yet we also experience the deep sadness of services of death and resurrection for our loved ones and our friends at church as well. Church is where we begin new relationships, and church is where we practice the sacred art of forgiving and being forgiven for wrongs done to or by us. Church is the place where we can experience God as children as well as the place where we can experience God in our golden years. Through it all, church is a place where God gathers us out of our disparate lives and weaves the strands of our lives into a rich tapestry that bespeaks God’s great love for the world. What do you love about Reveille? How has this church brought you joy and enabled you to grow in God’s grace? Join us for four Sundays wherein we will explore all that is good about our congregation and celebrate all God has yet to do in and through us.


The Quiet Mind: Using the Power of Scripture Against Negative Thoughts | November 3-17

Prophetic Voices: Four Perspectives on Advent | December 1-22


Invited: The Hospitality of God | September 8-29
Why do you come to Reveille? Who first invited you? Why did you come back? What is your story of receiving God’s welcome in your own life, and what would it mean for each of us to  extend that same life-changing welcome to others? What does it mean for a church to call itself “welcoming” anyway. Is God calling us into a deeper relationship with people we already know, or is Jesus calling us into relationship with people we have yet to meet, and could it be that by his grace and Holy Spirit, he is doing both?

What is Faith? Wisdom from the Epistle to the Hebrews | August 4-September 1
We live in a post-modern, scientific age. We expect proof for what we choose to believe. However, we also live in a time of competing claims for truth where two persons can observe the same reality and draw radically difference conclusions. What is truth? What does it mean for us to be believers today? In this series, we will explore the Epistle to the Hebrews learn what these timeless words can say to our present situation.

Joseph: Vice, Virtue, and the Technicolor Dreamcoat | June 30-July 21
The story of Joseph and his brothers is one of the longest narratives of the Hebrew Bible. It is a rich story, filled with intrigue, betrayal, jealousy, and reconciliation. In this series, we will explore the vice and virtue of this marvelous story and learn how it speaks to our relationships today with our families, friends, enemies, and God.

What the Bible Does Not Say | April 28-May 19
We have all heard statements we thought were in the Bible and may have even said them ourselves. However, none of them are found in scripture. In this series, we will investigate these claims in the light of what the Bible says, so that we can find hope, even in the midst of hopeless circumstances.

Courage to Believe: When Faith is Difficult | March 10-April 14
In January, we asked you what you struggle with when it comes to Christianity. During Lent, we will explore your questions, why it is sometimes hard for us to have faith, and how we can persist in hope during these times.

Why Church? | January 20-February 24
What is the point of church if God is everywhere? Do I have to go to church to be a Christian?  Is church relevant anymore? Join us as we explore these and other questions together, as we seek God’s truth, and as we learn to discover in this ancient friendship, in this church, that Christ calls nothing less than his body on earth.