Dialogues on Race

Reveille UMC
Dialogues on Race

Wednesday, May 10
Dialogues on Race Follow-up

Dinner | 5:30 pm | Fellowship Hall
Worship & Discussion | 6:45 pm | Chapel
The follow-up meeting on the Race Dialogues took place on May 10.  The evening started with the Wonderful Wednesday meal and then 60 people from Reveille, Koinonia Christian Church, and Love Center of Unity gathered in the chapel for a worship service.

Elder Lynette Galloway Branch of LCU delivered a sermon on how unity should be at the center of the relationship between the three partner churches. Even though we may differ in doctrine and culture this must be our goal.

Jill Gaynor, leader of the Swansboro Spirit Team, gave a presentation on the outcomes of our discussions during the third Race Dialogue session in February. Several common themes emerged from the discussions and a substantial amount of feedback was gathered from participants.

 Key themes from the Dialogues  on Race were: 
A desire to continue joint fellowship 
A desire to continue joint studies
A desire to continue joint worship
A desire to encourage more individual relationships
The need to pursue social justice, particularly on the issue of transportation
A desire to create a joint prayer ministry
A desire to encourage joint youth activities

What should be our next steps? There was an enthusiastic response to fill in sign-up sheets, corresponding to attendees’ interests in the above themes, in order to explore these ideas and put them into action. We were excited by the level of interest on all sides to pursue these relationships and the potential this may hold. Given the current climate of intolerance and a long history of division and injustice, God may just be telling us that the time is now.

More information will be available soon on partner church activities this summer.

February 8, 15, and 26
Reveille United Methodist Church

A series of discussions focusing on race relations held at Reveille UMC with members of Swansboro’s Koinonia Christian Church and Love Center of Unity. 

Read Sheelagh Davis's review of the Dialogues on Race Series.

Sunday, February 5 | Chapel
Dr. Melvin Ely, Preparing for Dialogues on Race
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Thank you to everyone who attended Dr. Melvin Ely's presentation on Sunday, February 5. Dr. Ely discussed the history of African Americans and race relations in the U.S. with an emphasis on Virginia.  The goal was to consider present-day issues in their historical context as we prepare for the Dialogues on Race series. Dr. Ely is a lifelong member of Reveille, professor of history at William & Mary, and has published two books on race in America. 

Wednesday, February 8 | Fellowship Hall 
Watch the Video | See Photos
5:30 pm Wonderful Wednesday Meal
6:30 pm Speaker, Rev. Benjamin P. Campbell
Author of Richmond’s Unhealed History
Thank you to all the guests who joined us for our first Dialogues on Race discussion. It was an outstanding turnout and we hope to see many more return on February 15.

Wednesday, February 15 | Fellowship Hall
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5:30 pm Wonderful Wednesday Meal
6:30 pm Speaker, Bishop Larry Branch, Love Center of Unity
Topic: Present Climate of Race in Our Country
Thank you to everyone who attended Bishop Branch's talk on his personal experiences related to implicit racism, unconscious racism, and systematic racism. It was a positive and eye-opening discussion followed by small group conversation. 

Sunday, February 26 
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4:30 pm Children, Youth, and Adult Sessions: Our Future – Being the Church Together 
5:30 pm Worship: All gather for a celebration of worship, praise, and dance. The service will be led by Pastor Keith Edmonds, Bishop Larry Branch, and Rev. Doug Forrester. Please note: Regularly scheduled classes, youth group, and music rehearsals will not take place on Sunday, February 26.

For more information regarding the Dialogues on Race series please contact Minister of Adult Ministries Kelley Lane. Child care will be provided for children ages four and younger during the discussions outlined above on February 26.