Kingdom of Heaven

Reveille UMC

Sermon Series
“The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…”

What is heaven really like? What would the world be like if God were in charge of our daily lives? Explore Jesus' understanding of the reign of God in our midst, 
and what it means for how we live today.

November 5
All Saints Sunday
“The Communion of Saints”
Preacher: Rev. Kelley Lane
Revelation 7:9-17
Friends of Barnabas Gift Consecration 

November 12
“An Attitude of Preparedness”
Preacher: Rev. Doug Forrester
Matthew 25:1-13

November 19
“Unburied Treasure”
Preacher: Rev. Stephen Coleman 
Matthew 25:14-30

November 26
“The People You Meet in Heaven”
Preacher: Rev. Doug Forrester
Matthew 25:31-46