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Thank you for your  enthusiastic support of our Godspell performances, and of our Swansboro Community Ministries! With your generous contributions, Dancing Classrooms WILL happen this fall for Swansboro Elementary School fifth graders!
Godspell Opening Night Performance Photos
Thursday Night Performance Photos
Friday Night Perfomance Photos
Saturday Matinee and Evening Performance Photos

 Reveille UMC's youth music ministry presented Godspell
July 15, 16, 17, & 18, 2015 at 7:30 pm
With a special matinee: July 18, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Benefiting Reveille's Swansboro Community Ministries
While admission to the show was free, donations were accepted for Reveille's Swansboro Community Ministries. The funds will help the ministry to continue to blossom,including  the Dancing Classrooms program at Swansboro Elementary School. This wonderful program enables children to learn positive communication tools while having fun. This program is completely dependent upon private funding. We hope to be able to provide this positive opportunity to another class of deserving children, with your generous help.Learn more about Dancing Classrooms Greater Richmond.


Godspell is a musical based on the book by John-Michael Tebelak, with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. It started as a college project that eventually opened off Broadway on May 17, 1971, to become a long-running success. The musical is a series of parables, interspersed with modern music. Learn more about Godspell and hear music samples
FUN FACT: Did you know the song “Day by Day” from the original Godspell cast album reached number 13 on the Billboard pop singles chart during the summer of 1972? If you remember the song, you won’t want to miss Reveille’s production of Godspell this summer!

Production Team
We are very excited to be working again with the team that produced Jesus Christ Superstar at Reveille in 2013: Katherine Baugher, Ingrid Pettus, and Ryan Gallagher, from  the Midlothian High School theatre department. Reveille's director of music ministries, Cathy Armistead, will serve as director of music for the production.

The Cast
JESUS   Austin R.
JEFFREY   Michael S.
LAMAR   John B.
HERB   Ethan R.
ROBIN   Katie C.
JOANNE   Claire S.
PEGGY   Emma F.
SONIA   Hannah T./Claire A.
GILMER   Caroline L.
Claire A., Lauren B., Nate  H., Neal M., Connor M., Paige M., Caroline N., Maddie P., Anna R.
Olivia A., Chloe A., Anna B., Molly B., Grayson B., Andrew B., Campbell C., Taylor D., Jude D.,
Mariah D., Teagan M., Larus R., Robertson R.,  Adam S., Rachel S.,  Walker S., Elizabeth S.
Jamie C.,  Karen D., Kendal D.,  Mary E., Ellen F., Maliki H., Mary K., Cara K., Courtney K., 
Anne M., Aijai N.,  Kathryn P., Robert P., Sarah Anne R., Hannah S., Marielle S.

Meet the Godspell Band
Piano: Our own Susan Bullock will be the pianist. Susan has accompanied Godspell several times, including the Reveille Youth Choir/Youth Group trip to Florida in 2009. Susan works full-time, is mom to John, Andrew, and William, wife to Boyd, and has been very active at Reveille for many years.

Guitar: Stephen Perlowski, a graduate of Trinity Episcopal School, is now finishing his first year as a music major at the Berklee College of Music. Stephen has played guitar for seven years, and his family is said to have over 150 guitars in their possession!

Bass: Matthew Majikes, currently a sophomore at Trinity Episcopal School, will be our bassist. Matthew has played drums for seven years and is in the Jazz Ensemble at Trinity.

Flute: Our own Lili Boyd, whom you have heard play at Reveille, will play flute for Godspell. Lili also plays piano, violin, and handbells. She works full-time as a library specialist for Henrico County Public Schools, and is mom to Helen, Grayson, and Vivian, and wife to Tyler.

Drums and Percussion: Lisa Overmyer, whom you have heard play with Reveille’s Chancel Choir for many concerts and services, will be our drummer. Lisa is the music specialist at Greenfield Elementary School in Chesterfield County, and is in demand for special performances around Richmond.

Conductor: Our own Tamara Nicely, also known as “Tam Tam,” will conduct the Godspell band. Tamara is the music specialist at Gordon Elementary School in Chesterfield County, and is Reveille’s assistant director of music. She directs Children’s Choirs, Youth Bells, and Youth Instrumental Ensemble. Previously, Tamara played French horn with the Memphis Symphony, in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Meet the Philosophers
The full Broadway version of Godspell begins with Jesus, followed by eight philosophers. Let’s meet the actors portraying these philosophers:
Socrates: Mary Evans sings in Reveille’s chancel choir and a cappella ensemble, plays piano and guitar, and has taught music in school. She also is known as mother to Katie and Chris Cantone, and wife to Tom Cantone.

Thomas Aquinas: Susan Mudd sings in Reveille’s chancel choir and a cappella ensemble, and has made vocal recordings with her sisters. Susan teaches in the gifted program in Hanover County, and also is known as mother to Paige, David and Sam, and wife to Rick.

Martin Luther: Doug Forrester, Reveille’s senior pastor, began his musical career in a rock band! Doug also has done theatrical work, and is known as dad to Ellen and Claire, and husband to Tracy.

Leonardo da Vinci: Carrie Armistead sings in Reveille’s chancel choir and a cappella ensemble, rings bells in Reveille Ringers, and has a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance. Carrie has performed in operas and musicals, and also is known as daughter to Cathy and Keith Armistead, and sister to Thomas Armistead.

Edward Gibbon: Robert Phanord II, also known as “Buddy,” sings in Reveille’s chancel choir and a cappella ensemble, has rung in Reveille Ringers, and has a bachelor’s degree in music, literature, and art. He currently is associate conductor with One Voice. He also is son to Olletta Cheatham as well as brother to Victoria Nelson and Eva Phanord and uncle to their children.

Frederic Nietzsche: Richard Davis, also known as “Dick,” sings in Reveille’s chancel choir and has done theatrical work throughout his life, most recently in Reveille’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Dick also is known as husband to Sheelagh, dad to Bryan and granddad to Andrew.
Jean Paul Sartre: Boyd Bullock sings in Reveille’s chancel choir and a cappella ensemble, and sang in the All Saints Episcopal Boys and Men’s Choir when he was a child and youth. Boyd also is known as part of a very musical family, dad to John, Andrew and William, husband to Susan, and son to Marcella.

Buckminster Fuller: Kate Rhodes, Reveille's assistant director of youth ministries. 

Q&A with the Godspell Cast
What’s your favorite song or scene in the show? Why?
“The ending – the finale – it will make people cry, in a good way!”
“’All for the Best,’ because it’s really catchy.”
“’We Beseech Thee,’ because it’s so upbeat and bouncy.”
“’Day by Day,’ because it is so happy!
Why should people come see Godspell?
“It’s FREE!” [but we’ll take a donation]
“It is uplifting and religious; it teaches the parables and lessons of Jesus.”
“It will send you home feeling good!”
“It is like elementary school kids teaching you the parables!”

What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show?
“It was GOOD!”
“The last scene – about Jesus’s death.”
“They’ll be stunned because it is so GOOD!”

And just for fun, if someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you?
Nate H. would be played by Morgan Freeman
Claire A. would be played by Jennifer Lawrence
Caroline L. would be played by Amy Poehler
Ethan R. would be played by Will Farrell

This July, our youth music ministry is bringing you the Broadway musical, Godspell. Originally staged 
in 1971, the show brought us hit songs like “Day by Day.” Godspell is a spirited presentation of 12 of the parables of Jesus. Join us this summer as we learn more about these key teachings from the gospels of Matthew and Luke, through our summer sermon series and art exploration.

Godspell: The Parables of Jesus Sermon Series
June 7-August 23
Our summer sermon series will explore the parables presented in the order they appear in the musical production to help us all better understand the true lessons of Jesus’ teachings.More information

Godspell Musical | July 15-18
Our 60-voice youth choir, eight adults, and live band present this classic musical. Performances at 7:30 pm each evening with an additional matinee performance at 2:00 pm on July 18. Brought to you by the same team who produced Jesus Christ Superstar! Admission is free, however, you may make a donation to Reveille’s Swansboro Community Ministries.

Art Exploration
Sundays: June 28, July 12, July 19
Explore the parables of Jesus as they appear in Godspell through a hands-on art project each Sunday, 6:00-7:30 pm.Projects for all ages, from young children to adults. Bring your friends and family!