Defying Gravity

Reveille UMC

Defy Gravity and Grow in Your Generosity
October 1-22

2018 Stewardship Campaign

In October we will be celebrating a church-wide stewardship program called Defying Gravity. Over a four-week period we’ll examine the generous life—what it is and why it can be hard to experience. Many of us want to bless others and know the joy of generosity, but feel trapped by past decisions and misled by a society that bombards us with messages of having more.  
Learn more about the 2018 Stewardship Campaign.

Defying Gravity Campaign Calendar
October 1
“Discovering Gravity” 
Matthew 19:16-26
Explore the pull of gravity that money and possessions have on us.
Weekly Scripture Guide: GPS
Study of Defying Gravity Begins
October 8
"Though The Wrong Seems Oft So Strong" 
Luke 23:13-34
A response to the tragic events in Las Vegas on October 1.
Weekly Scripture Guide: GPS
Financial Planning Sheets Available

October 11
Budget Town Hall, 7:15 pm, chapel

October 15
“Tethered to God” 
Matthew 6:19-21
Find financial wholeness and how to live a life free of the gravity of financial burdens.
Estimate of Giving Cards Available
Budget Town Hall, 12:15 pm, chapel
Weekly Scripture Guide: GPS

October 22 | Celebration Sunday
“When We Get it Right”
Luke 16:10-13
How God describes generosity, trust, and abundant life.
Sermon Series and Study Conclude
Return Estimate of Giving
How to: Learn more about online giving October 22, 9:30-11:00 am and noon-1:00 pm in the welcome center.
Weekly Scripture Guide: GPS

Sermons led by Lead Pastor Doug Forrester

Churchwide Book Study
October 1-22
Defying Gravity by Tom Berlin
Stuff. And more stuff.  And even more stuff. The next thing you know, we’re pulled into the orbit of materialism! In Defying Gravity, Tom Berlin takes a look at the difference between “want” and “need” and illustrates how possessions can create an unbearable weight on our lives. He shows us how too much stuff affects our ability to serve and thrive, and then he helps us explore what is required to sustain a vibrant life. This four-week class will be facilitated by Doug Forrester and meets from 4:30-6:00 pm in room 210 beginning October 1. Pick up a copy of the book in the welcome center. Note: Adult Sunday school classes will also be participating in this study. 

Clean-up Challenge
October 14 | 8:00 am-noonClean-up Challenge Yard Sale
Join us for this event and “break free of the culture of more!” Start cleaning out your closets, attic, and garage now. The Clean-up Challenge puts the lessons of Tom Berlin’s book,Defying Gravity, into action!

Clean-up Challenge Schedule
8:00 am-noon
Yard Sale, Bake Sale, CARITAS PODS Donations

10:00 am-noon
Document Shredding and Habitat ReStore

Rent a space and sell your stuff!
Spaces are just $25 each, including 6’ table
Proceeds from space rentals benefit Reveille's Youth Missions Fund
Limited number of spaces available

Click here for event, donation, and space rental information.
Schedule subject to change. Rain date is Saturday, October 21.