Church Council

Reveille UMC
The Church Council is  Reveille’s governing body for church ministry and administrative matters. The group meets monthly to oversee the ministries of the church and to help guide Reveille’s mission and vision. As required by the United Methodist Church Discipline, the Lay Leadership Committee must recommend the appointment of Church Council members.
The Church Council has 18 lay positions, plus two clergy. This structure allows the Council to be more forward thinking to focus on discerning the vision of the church.

Following are the Church Council positions:
Church Council Chair: Coordinates and sets the agenda for the monthly Church Council meetings, and brings together the leaders of the church’s committees to ensure that the work of the church is consistent with the church’s vision and mission.
Church Council Secretary: Takes the minutes of the monthly Church Council meetings
Lay Leader: Serves as the congregational counterpart to the pastoral leadership, acting as a spiritual leader of the congregation.
Leaders and Chairs: Worship Team, Grow Team, Serve Team, Children's Council, Youth Council, Adult Council, Senior Adult Council, Finance, Trustees, Staff-Parish Relations, Witness and Engagement, Stewardship, Treasurer
UMW Representative: Provides input from Reveille's United Methodist Women
Youth Representative: Serves on Church Council to provide the youth perspective on programs and other issues.
Clergy: The lead pastor and associate pastor are members of the Church Council.
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Church Council Structure
Three Visionary Teams
The chairs of the Worship, Grow, and Serve teams are members of the Church Council. This aligns the ministries and the Council with Reveille’s Worship-Grow-Serve vision.
Four Life-Stage Councils 
The chairs of the Children’s, Youth, Adult, and Senior Adult councils also are members of the Church Council. These councils represent and involve the entire congregation. 
Some Ministry Area and Administrative Committees have indirect representation on the Church Council. For example, the Outreach Committee is represented by the chair of the Serve Team. These committees carry out the strategies and tactics that translate the vision of the Church Council into action and results.