Reveille UMC

CARITAS at Reveille

Reveille will host CARITAS families again this spring. Check back in early 2019 for more information.

Congregations Around Richmond Involved to Assure Shelter, otherwise known as CARITAS, was formed to meet the needs of area homeless and the lack of temporary housing. 

Each year, Reveille hosts up to 28 people from the program. Reveille provides the evening meal, breakfast, lunches for the following day and overnight lodging. Volunteers greet the guests, serve dinner, pack lunches, and stay overnight, serving breakfast the next morning. In the evening, volunteers transport guests to and from laundry and shower facilities and help entertain the children. 

CARITAS at Reveille has a long history and has typically involved over 100 volunteers a year. Volunteers often report that their experience with CARITAS is very rewarding and gives them a chance to step out of their ordinary lives. 

Contact Gretchen Biernot or Tim Black for more information.