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Come enjoy wonderful fellowship and meet new friends at Reveille United Methodist Women. 

United Methodist Women is the largest denominational faith organization for women, with approximately 800,000 members whose mission is to be an advocate for the oppressed and dispossessed, to build supportive community among women, and to engage in fostering growth in mission education.

Among the local missions that Reveille UMW currently supports are the Chesterfield Women’s Detention and Diversion Center, Swansboro Elementary School, All God’s Children Camp for the children of incarcerated mothers, camperships at Westview on the James, The Hermitage retirement community, and United Methodist Family Services. 

Reveille UMW is open to all women within and outside Reveille, and is composed of five groups, known as circles, that allow for closer fellowship time, programs, and projects. The circles have diverse programs including speakers, book reviews, Bible study, outings, and outreach. Each circle meets once a month, from September to May. All the circles come together each quarter for a general meeting. The general meetings include a guest speaker from a not-for-profit that benefits women and children. The program is followed by lunch. Child care is available for general meetings.

For more information, contact UMW co-presidents Laura Lay and Carolyn Blaylock. Or visit one of our circle meetings (September-May):
Lucy Blanton Circle
     Meets first Tuesday, 10:30 am, room 209
     Circle leader: Bonnie Ferguson    
Mary Lou White Circle
     Meets the first Tuesday, 10:30 am, church parlor
     Circle leaders: Elaine Bugg and Marge Rozum     
Frances Carroll Circle
     Meets second Tuesday, 2:00 pm, church parlor
     Circle leaders: Mary Davis and Mary Ann Ramage
Susanna Wesley Circle
     Generally meets second Tuesday, 7:00 pm, in members' home
     Circle leader: Kay Craven and Mary Evans
Lizzie Hoffman Circle 
     Meets third Tuesday, 9:30 am, church parlor. Geared to women with young children.
     Child care is available for children age four and under, 9:30-11:45 am.
     Circle leaders: Stephanie Workman and Danielle Roberts
Anna Oliver Circle      
    Meets once per month and dates vary. The group of high school girls supports
    various ministries. Circle leaders:Elizabeth Sjovold, Helen Boyd, Paige Mudd, and         Hannah Sjovold.

 UMW Meetings

UMW General Meeting
Tuesday, December 4 | 10:30 am
Martha Stokes, Director of Church and Community Relations at Pinnacle Living (formerly United Methodist Homes), will speak on The Dementia Friends program, a global movement developed by the Alzheimer’s Society in the United Kingdom and now underway in the United States.  The goal is to help everyone in a community understand five key messages about dementia, how it affects people and how we can each take that message into our congregations and our communities to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia. News story

Children from the Reveille Weekday School will also offer Christmas carols that morning as part of the program. 
UMW Bake Sale
Sunday, November 18 | 9:00 am
Welcome Center
The UMW Bake Sale will offer a variety of treats for your Thanksgiving festivities. Proceeds benefit 
UMW Missions.
Sign up to bake goodies
Sign up to help during the sale

UMW General Meeting
Tuesday, December 4 | 10:30 am
Guest Speaker Martha Stokes and Christmas carols from Reveille Weekday School. To sign up for lunch by November 27, contact Laura Lay.

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