2019 Church Council

Reveille UMC
Church Council Members

Lay Leader
Council Secretary
Staff-Parish Relations
Trustees Chair
Worship Team Leader
Grow Team Leader
Serve Team Leader
Children's Council Chair
Youth Council Chair
Adult Council Chair
Senior Adult Council Chair
Stewardship Chair
UMW Representatives
Youth Representative
Lead Pastor
Associate Pastor
CJ Struble
Claire Kaugers
Linda Gill
Steve Fisher
Heather Lockerman
David Simonsen
Pete Watson
Linda White
Kathy Rainey
Jennifer Rosen
Emma Bruny
Randy Manspile
Vickey Verwey
Chris Campbell
O. Allen Davis
Laura Lay and Carolyn Blaylock
Andrew Bullock
Doug Forrester
Stephen Coleman
The Church Council is made up of 18 lay members and two clergy. It is Reveille’s governing body for church ministry and administrative matters.

The council generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Council Column
Monthly update from the
Church Council